Sybilla Lenz

Healthy Home, Healthy Me: Creating Harmony From the Inside Out

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How to bring your environment into alignment with your desires for your life so it is inviting what you want to manifest!

What if your home and/or office environment could help you realize your dreams? Imagine your space flowing with energy in perfect alignment with you. Picture your goals being met with surprising ease.

Sybilla Lenz is certified in Western Bagua BTB Feng Shui, and is a Feng Shui teacher consultant, speaker, and co-author of several books with leaders in the personal empowerment fields such as Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Neale Donald Walsch, and Brian Tracy. She is also the author of the DVD The Energy Atlasand has a degree in interior design.
An ancient Chinese philosophy, Feng Shui is a study of the relationship between humans and their environment, and offers a way of understanding why some less than desirable conditions in our lives can relate to our physical spaces.

Inside this book you will learn such things as how:
· Letting go of worn out items and clearing clutter may help to invite the perfect loving relationship
· Placing a water fountain can invite prosperity
· Painting your front door a certain color can help your career

In this book you will discover easy solutions for making positive changes in your life by changing your home. Included are many real-life examples of how people desired and received the life they wanted by changing how they live in their homes.

Whether you are seeking feng shui for the home, want a feng shui office, or are looking for interior design with feng shui specifically for a feng shui kitchen, feng shui bathroom, feng shui garden, feng shui bedroom, using the bagua map - also known as a bagua compass or bagua chart - this book is an easy guide to get you started.

Bring your environment into alignment with your desires. Buy this audiobook now to get started on bringing your environment into alignment with your desires.
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