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Revise and Remember

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This is a self-help hypnotherapy recording for teenagers and adults, aged from about twelve years old and upwards, who are undergoing a course of formal study. Accelerated learning techniques help you learn and remember the easy way. This audiobook aims to:
- Make the most of your learning potential
- Improve concentration skills and absorb information more easily
- Absorb advice on study skills
- Feel calm and confident about revision
- Increase motivation to ‘get down to it’
- Revise and retain information
- Develop a clear and alert focus
- Retrieve information from your memory when you need it
There are four tracks which both inform about accelerated learning techniques and give powerful suggestions for carrying these out and reaping the benefit of more effective memory storage and recall. It is carried out within a relaxing framework and helps the listener to feel more confident as well as be better able to focus and concentrate while studying and revising.
All the tracks help you to relax very comfortably and absorb positive suggestions. The first one helps you let go of negative beliefs about learning and take on some very positive ones instead. The next two introduce you to some different useful techniques for improving revision and recall, planning time, active learning, self-testing, together with positive suggestions for calm, confidence, focus and concentration. The fourth one gives you yet more positive suggestions for calm, confident and alert focus together with increased motivation to get started and get stuff done so it’s particularly useful to listen to just before you begin to study.
Research shows that when a person first acts out each positive step in their imagination, it dramatically increases the likelihood of their success in the real world. This recording contains powerful suggestions for boosting confidence and self-esteem. The language and topics used are carefully crafted to appeal to listeners of all suitable ages.
Lynda Hudson's gentle, well-modulated, English voice calms, re-assures and encourages. A clinical hypnotherapist and former teacher, Lynda has worked with many children and has helped them overcome numerous problems. Her work has been widely featured in the press and she has appeared on both TV and radio.
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