Audrey Ashwood

A Bride for the Viscount's Cold Son

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A poor village orphan.
An unexpected fortune.
Can she overcome her humble beginnings to find true love?

Regency London. Lavinia Talridge is heartbroken. After the premature death of her mother, young Lavinia is left destitute, with no money and no family.
Until, in a twist of fate, she discovers that she is wealthy. Before she can believe her new life of privilege is true, Lavinia has an arranged marriage to a handsome gentleman and a chance at love.
But when the Viscount’s son acts coldly towards her, Lavinia assumes her lower-class background is to blame. Afraid to go through with the potentially-joyless marriage, can the young woman find a lifetime worth of love?

A Bride for the Viscount's Cold Son is a clean & wholesome Regency romance novel with a dash of suspense. If you like authentic women, romantic moments, and surprising fortunes, then you’ll love this delightful love story.
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