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Wendell Hockaday Jr.

Wendell Eternal 3

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This is book three of a series of three. This book includes all three volumes of the series "Wendell Eternal, Order of the Hidden". This book reaches your mind on three different levels. (Physical, Spiritual, and Metaphysical) The biggening of this series starts off with the lowest level of man, in his animalistic form. This book builds you up so that the information can easily be broken down. I am a fan of Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock, and Goosebumps. Wendell Eternal is a series of short stories that are all intertwined into one meaning. I use fairytales, allegories, and duality to give the listeners multiple avenues of interpretation. This series is for people who enjoy mysterious thrillers that have a moral compass and over all meaning. Included in this book is my world famous Keysari Smoothie recipe. This smoothie has been perfected over the last decade. I give you entertainment, spirituality, knowledge, and a healthy recipe that could improve your quality of life going forward. This is not a book; this is a movement. When you buy this book, you are basically saying, "Yes, I will continue to fight the good fight".
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