What Happens After The Wakeup Call,

What Happens After The Wakeup Call

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Podcast listeners, this is a super special mashup up of a moment that went viral from #AskGaryVee when Taylor called in. I think this episode will offer many of you solutions on how to build a community around your business, and to implement my thesis of “macro-patience, and micro-speed” - hope it empowers you to take action to build the life you want. Tweet me at @garyvee and tell me what you thought of this conversation

Topics from Today’s Episode:

1:05 | Throwback to the original call with Taylor

6:30 | Every second you spend looking at someone else, takes away from your own upside

12:00 | Wishing instead of executing

13:15 | Who do you admire?

16:00 | Work is the answer

17:45 | Time is everything

17:55 | In-person meeting begins

19:40 | Creating accountability after-the-fact

20:25 | Running a business is great, in theory

25:00 | Creating a community, and make it about them

31:00 | It’s about taking action

34:00 | Taylor’s Color Commentary



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What Happens After The Wakeup Call,
What Happens After The Wakeup Call
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