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Gua Sha Therapy Handbook

Gua Sha Therapy Handbook: Discover How This Ancient Chinese Medicine Can Help Alleviate Your Aches and Pains and Relieve Stress
Gua sha therapy is a natural, ancient Chinese healing technique that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to improve your circulation. It is an alternative healing therapy that offers a unique approach to better health. It also addresses other issues like chronic pain. Gua Sha therapy is very relaxing and an excellent stress reliever. Sometimes, there is redness and bruising as a result of the massage but the results are dramatic and many people have classified it as the best massage they’ve had in their lives. Gua sha usually targets the stagnant energy called chi which is the cause of inflammation. Inflammation is the usual underlying cause of most chronic pains. It is also said to relieve muscle and joint pains and relieve migraines.
This audiobook will give you all the information about Gua Sha. You will learn what it’s all about, how it works, and its benefits for your body. You will learn about the proper techniques on how to do it correctly.
Our daily lives are riddled with stress so it’s best we learn about the many ways we can relieve this stress. This treatment can be performed by anyone so if you’re interested in learning more, download your copy of the Gua Sha Therapy Handbook today!
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