Yuwrian Rise

No Longer Giving A F*CK Black Woman: No More Hurt, No More Tears and No More Bull Sh*T

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"Black women are in charge. They are in charge of their dreams, goals and self-worth. They are no longer giving a F*CK, if a man leaves them, they still have a family, and career to hold down. Due to the overwhelming call for justice in the death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old African-American emergency medical technician, black soundly crying, BLACK LIVES MATTER! Sure, they want love, but no longer at the expense of their dignity and self-respect. The first time in the world, black women hold ALL beauty titles. This book is a message from all black women, informing those that are against them THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK! If you fire them or release them from their employment, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK! because they will start their own businesses. If you criticize their weight, looks or clothes, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK! for they understand where true beauty resides. If their families misunderstand or turn their backs on them, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK! If you gossip about their children, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK! because they know they are raising beautiful strong black children. If you say they are not great at sports or coaching, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK! as black women continue to prove doubters wrong. If people say they are only good for WHITE MEN, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK! for their hearts always seek and treasure their love for BLACK MEN. No matter how you come negatively at a black woman, THEY DO NOT GIVE A F*CK, TODAY!"
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