Procrastination: Don't put off until tomorrow... what you can do today...

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Common causes of procrastination

There are many misconceptions about the causes of procrastination. Society considers procrastinators to be lazy, selfish and borderline narcissistic. While you may think you are lazy or someone else is, this is not always the case. The causes are broad and include multiple different factors, some of which are personal and you may never experience them. The following are the most common causes of procrastination:


Many times, procrastination is the result of perfectionism. This can happen in two different ways. Either you procrastinate because you know you can't do it exactly the way you want to do it, or you end up redoing the task too many times until it's too late because you can't get it perfect. Perfectionism and fear of failure are correlated, as many prevent success by not starting something. An example is waiting for everything in your life to be perfect before starting your own business. Most successful entrepreneurs understand that this is not reality. In fact, every day businesses go through unexpected challenges due to human error or unavoidable situations. In other words, a business is not perfect and requires risks to be successful. If you strive to always be perfect, you will never learn to take the right risks and jump at opportunities that suit you.

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