The Seeker Human Collection

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Learn all about the science of puberty, sex and even death in The Seeker Human Collection!

The P Word: The Science of Growing Up
We all remember the p word we dreaded hearing about as adolescents…puberty. Sweaty, sticky and pimply, we all go through puberty at some point in our lives, but why? Listen in as Seeker takes you on a scientific roller coaster ride of all things puberty like acne, hormones, body odor and more in this curated audio collection.

The Strange and Scientific World of Sex
Sex- it's not just for humans! Dive into this wacky but scientific exploration of all things sex. Get answers to all of the random questions you might never have thought to ask yourself:
• How did dinosaurs have sex millions of years ago?
• What's going on in your brain when having sex?
• Can exercising improve your sex life?
And more!

Life, Death and The Afterlife
Everyone meets the Grim Reaper at some point, so why not learn a little more about it beforehand? There are many ways for life to come to an end, but there may be some you’ve never thought about before: lack of sleep, extreme heat, being…unpopular? Listen in as Seeker breaks down everything about death from how it feels, what is smells like and even the possibility of an afterlife in this curated audio collection.
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