Robert Boog

Hang Shakespeare:

Title: Hang Shakespeare: But not DeVere, a True Story Mystery Solved
"A lively, heterodox take on the Bard of Avon."-- Kirkus Reviews
Hang Shakespeare, has been described as "funny", "fun to read" and a "historical who-dunnit" where author Robert Boog asks the reader why would Ben Jonson, an intimate friend of William Shakespeare write the words "Hang Shakespeare" in the To the Reader poem?" After all, the First Folio was compiled in 1623 and Shakespeare was already DEAD! He bought the farm, kicked the bucket, was as a doornail. Jonson has to be sending us a message! It's like at the beginning of Star Wars when Princess Leia implores RD2D, "Help me Obi Won Konobi, you're my only hope!" So if you are a TRUE Shakespeare fan, check the front cover of Hang Shakespeare and see it for yourself! This is NOT a 'kookie conspiracy theory" nor a book that promotes a "snobbish view" of the authorship. "Boog adds a mixture of inspired observations, serious facts, powerful proof as well as common-sense logic and a fun sense of humor to things. I liked it."
"Logical and practical arguments. A fun “mystery.”
"Ever watch a comedy show where a comedian points out something OBVIOUS, and you laugh about it? This book is like that. Robert Boog has a keen eye for observing the little things in life and his observations about Shakespeare make perfect sense. Is he an "expert"? No. But hear him out. My nephew has bipolar disorder too, and Boog compares this to the real author and shows how the "real" author's depression could be THE smoking gun."

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