Rachel Lawson

Between Time and Death

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He has a soul of darkness the soul of a killer a soul of death, a soul so dark it could not be his thought a psychic mentalist who is working in his father theater for a night of magic her style the metalist senses it.
His soul is so dark all that can be done with him but expelling the demon who is controlling him. The Necromancer, Lance Alexander can't resist playing along with her but how far will he go and where will this end.
The grim reaper sat drinking a cup of coffee as a man in his office peacefully until his son ran in his office. "Dad you won't believe it the moon has hatched!" The Necromancer shouted. His father choked on his coffee.
"You alright Dad?" asked Lance worried.
"Yes, you psycho! The moon did what?" Blake, his dad said to his serial killer son.
"This is more important than you and me! The moon has hatched It was an egg!" Lance said hardly believing it himself and he saw it with his own eyes.
"Ok, I'll try to prioritize! What came out a mega space chicken?" asked Blake who was also the emperor of the solar system.
"If only it was a space chicken!" Lance said sadly.
"Then what hatched from it?" Ask his father.
Paige Turner
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