Jim Wood

Manipulation Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Influence People with Persuasion, NLP, and Mind Control.Do you want to know how to understand and influence people with subliminal persuasion, NLP, and body language?
Manipulation is not necessarily a bad thing. Manipulation can be used for great good, and both the good and bad methods will be discussed in this book. We will see ways to use manipulation to get those things that are desired in life, particularly goals that lead to a lifetime of success and successful living. We will see ways to create new pathways in the mind that will lead to the elimination of negative thoughts that are detrimental to the achievement of success.
We will explore ways to use these techniques and more to create a more perfect mindset and to enable clearer thinking. This will enable a better level of achievement in personal goals. We will also discuss how to influence others to assist us in reaching our personal goals.
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Jim Wood
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