Shane Cuthbert


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Most people start smoking at a younger stage of life where, maybe, they're under a lot of stress. There's a lot of uncertainty, a lot of self-doubt. They don't feel self-confident in themselves. Then, over the years, they kind of grow up a bit. They mature a bit, and they get to the point where they're a little bit more motivated to care for themselves and look after themself. They get to that point where they feel a strong desire to want to stop smoking. They use some patches, change some routines, They break the habit, and everything is going fine. They stay on the wagon so long as life doesn't get in the way.
What's the difference between the kind of person who quits temporarily and then falls back into their old ways compared to the person who quits permanently? Well, the major difference is the person who quits temporarily will say that they essentially feel like the same person only without the cigarettes, whereas the person who quits permanently, they'll say that they feel like something has kind of changed on the inside. This book is about creating permanent change and there is a few things we need to do to create that change, whether its a bad eating habit or an addiction, the fundamental rules and guidelines for change stay the same, change is something I am an expert at creating, I create changes in people all over the world and changing your smoking habits and quitting smoking for good is no different to learning how to stress less and beat anxiety, infact, im sure you know exactly what im talking about because you also smoke more when anxious and I right? If you not only want to quit smoking but quit smoking long term this book is for you because it focuses on the fundamentals, the instincts and the problems driving you towards smoking, changing a habit is much like putting a bandaid on a very serious wound, reading this book is like going to hospital, we are going to get in and find out whats really going on and create change at the core.
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