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Slow Down and Appreciate: A Meditation and Affirmations Collection to Increase Gratitude and Relaxation

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When was the last time you felt truly grateful for what you have in life? Too often, we take for granted the people, possessions and experiences we’re surrounded by. When we embrace gratitude, we begin to embrace the possibilities of life itself.

This collection has been designed to fill you up with gratitude so you can live a happier, more content life.

This collection can help you:

• Increase your sense of appreciation
• Raise your vibration
• Attract more positivity in your life
This audiobook includes:

• Chapter 1: Meditation
• Chapter 2: Meditation with a Partner
• Chapters 3 and 8: Daytime Affirmations
• Chapters 9 and 10: Positive Subliminal Affirmations

Listen to the subliminal affirmations on a low volume either before or during sleep.

The key to happiness is loving the life you live and living the life you love. It starts with appreciating what you currently have and knowing that more blessings are ahead of you.
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