M.J. Tinsley

Pemberton and the Pendant

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Pemberton and the Pendant
By M. J. Tinsley
Narrated by Karl A. Nordman
With music and sound effects!
Pemberton is a dark blue fairy cat from the land of Feyloria. She takes another trip to the land of Verdantia where there aren't any fairies to visit her dog friend, Thaddeus. While trying to help a man, Pemberton is knocked out by a thief who steals her magic pendant stranding her in Verdantia. Again! Can Thaddeus, now a police dog, help Pemberton recover her magic pendant so she can return to Feyloria? Or is she trapped forever away from her friends and family?

Music is:
Holiday Weasel by Kevin MacLeod
M. J. Tinsley
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