The Feral Children, David Simpson, Wesley R. Norris
David Simpson,Wesley R. Norris

The Feral Children

The bears were hungry and the panther was pacing her cage.It was supposed to be a fun field trip to the wild animal safari. It became a nightmare of blood.

The zombie virus spread like wildfire and by noon, they were alone. Safe inside the fences, a group of school kids are the only survivors. Like the animals, they’ve lived their whole lives being cared for and fed, pampered and loved. Now they have to learn from each other how to survive, how to hunt and how to kill.

Full of love, compassion, betrayals and vengeance, this post-apocalyptic series is a unique adventure of bonding, friendship and violence. Don’t threaten the children when the wolves are near.
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The Feral Children, David Simpson, Wesley R. Norris
The Feral Children
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