Jen Gotch, @Michael & Dairy Queen?, Who? Weekly
Who? Weekly

Jen Gotch, @Michael & Dairy Queen?

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Today on Who's There, our weekly call-in show where we answer your questions, comments, and concerns, we chat quickly about Selena Gomez's new song (mouth noises) and Kesha's new song (instantly iconic) before taking comments about the Paddington Pooper, Dairy Queen (aka Dennis Quaid), and the ubiquitous Pokemon Go spon. After those six hours fly by, we move on to questions, and hoooooo boy are these a doozy. First up is an exploration of a mysterious man who's friends with seemingly every Who we've ever talked about. He goes by @Michael on Instagram, and, yes, we found him. (With the help of a very talented friend.) Then we pivot to Australia's Masked Singer, where Lindsay Lohan has somehow found herself asking Cody Simpson about furniture. Finally, we talk about Jen Gotch, the founder who would like you all to start crying at work.
Call 619.WHO.THEM to leave us a voicemail, and we might address it on a future show! Until Tuesday, crunch crunch.
Who? Weekly



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Jen Gotch, @Michael & Dairy Queen?, Who? Weekly
Jen Gotch, @Michael & Dairy Queen?
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