Richard A Radoccia

We Are All Americans

Join the journey into one of the most captivating and seminal events in all of American history. The United States in 1865 was a dramatically different country from the one that went to the polls in 1860. It and the world were transformed by the Civil War – a political struggle between sections of the country for a Union without slavery or slavery without a Union. “We Are All Americans” is the story of how the United States was transformed through the words of the three most central figures of the time – Jefferson Davis, Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln – and narrated by three reporters in a contemporary newsroom setting who describe the events as they unfolded, in time linear fashion. It is often said the country entered the war as the United States, plural, and emerged a nation, as the United States, singular. Let “We Are All Americans” take you back 150 years to experience this dramatic and profound transformation as it happened.
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