Ben Ormstad

Cyber-Mage Realization: A Dark LitRPG / LitFPS SciFi-Shooter

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[ OVERTAKEN ONLINE. The world's first FPS VR-MMORPG with 100% immersion. Reminiscent of classics like Doom and Dead Space, but with RPG-elements that enable players to level up and develop skills – and sprinkled with a pinch of magic. ]

Dex, Frida, Hiko and Tasha successfully opened the Godmadrigan Army and the Celestial aliens up to forming an alliance against the Daemonorgs. Now they’re assigned the crucial mission of eliminating key parts of the daemons’ on-ground strongholds, since weakening the beasts’ parasitic grip on the planet is needed to enable their long-awaited defeat.

Simultaneously, Dex’s journey from being a mere Battle-Marine grunt to a true Cyber-Mage solidifies when he comes in contact with his master Patrio’s collaborator, Ÿlvette - a no-bullshit, high-leveled bad-ass able to rip a demon to bloody shreds by simply snapping her fingers.

Beware! This story contains:

- Blood and guts

- Foul language!

- Notifications / pop-ups / inventory management

- No harem
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