Albert Piaget

Borderline Personality Disorder and DMT The Spirit Molecule

Would you like to start a trip inside of your spirit and soul?
Do you know what DMT is and which role plays in human consciousness?
The word DMT stands for Dimethyltryptamine and it is a psychedelic drug that can induce out of body or near death experiences, intense hallucinations and even apparent alien abductions.
If you smoke it, you will appear to pass out for several minutes, where you'll have euphoric insights into other dimensions.
A DMT trip literally transports you to another reality. Users report access to a completely different plane of consciousness.
Spirits, aliens, even elves and other strange creatures are encountered in worlds that users report seem to be inhabited by other-worldly foreign intelligence.
If you really want to have an experience like that and explore the depths of your spirit you need a guide like “DMT: The Spirit Molecule- Near-death and Mystical Experiences” by Albert Piaget.
Here’s what you’re going to find inside:
⦁ Psychedelic Drugs: how science and society see them
⦁ the Pineal Gland
⦁ getting DMT: feelings and thinking
⦁ mystical states, dying and unseen worlds
⦁ the future of Psychedelic research
...and much more!

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Albert Piaget


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