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Knowledge BLASTER! Guide to Food and Drink

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So, really? You don't know:the difference between wine, brandy, and liqueur?which is better for you, health-wise—saturated or unsaturated fat?what are you eating if you bite into a Cranshaw or a Persian?No problem! We'll have you up and running, food-wise, in no time. So, how do we know all this stuff? Well, we were helping a friend study for the contestant quiz of the Jeopardy! Game show when we realized we had accumulated enough material to help out almost anyone. A student, game show contestant, or the wannabe foodie who lives in all of us.
KNOWLEDGE BLASTER! Guide to Food and Drink provides a cornucopia of cooking advice, food safety tips, mixed drink trivia, and nutrition knowledge. You'll find the answers to your food and drink questions in these pages.
Why is a baker's dozen different from a regular dozen?What spice is made from the ground outer coating of nutmeg?How can you make scrambled eggs light and fluffy?What is the best district in the world for red wine?What fluffy dish takes its name from the French for "breath?"Did you answer all the questions correctly? No? Well, then...
The KNOWLEDGE BLASTER! Series compresses a great mountain of available information into easily digestible morsels. You'll find the books are patterned in an efficient question-and-answer mode, stressing simplicity, brevity, and clarity. You can use this reference work as a launch pad to propel yourself into more in-depth studies. However, if you find this little study guide provides all the information you need, then consider your knowledge...
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