Andrea Pearson

Shadow Hunter

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What do you get when you mix blackmail and murder?
A flaming, angry assassin who is hell-bent on destroying all responsible parties.
My name is Abel, and I’m an assassin. Not by choice, of course. I mean, let’s get real—only sick people like this line of work. But it pays the bills and I’m excellent at it. Good thing too, since I’m being blackmailed into murder.
The Shadow Prophet has tasked me with killing seven people. Seven innocent people. I’ve tried everything possible to get out of the job, including going after him. But he’s always one step ahead of me. And now he’s vowing to destroy everyone I love—my family, my friends—if I don’t complete the job.
Desperate for cash—because I refuse to be paid for murder—I accept pretty much anything that comes across my desk. So when I’m offered a protection job from a random stranger, I accept it.
Well, the joke's on me because this job requires me to protect one of the people on my hit list. How can I do both jobs when they're so diametrically opposed?
I didn't ask to be blackmailed. I didn't ask to have my life destroyed and my loved ones brutally murdered. I didn't start any of this. But I will finish it.
It’s time I show the Shadow Prophet that messing with me is the worst thing he could possibly do.
Because a flaming, angry assassin is coming his way, guns blazing.
If you enjoy high-stakes fantasy action, light romance with a hint of angst, and fast-moving paranormal stories, you’ll love Shadow Hunter, book one in an addictive urban fantasy series. Grab your copy now!


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