Wesley Jones

Conspiracy Theories

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Crazy conspiracies you may have never heard before
You’ve probably heard of the Illuminati, of the Denver Airport, or Area 51, but there are a lot more conspiracy theories out there. Some simply remained theories, and others turned out to be real. After all, not everybody makes things up from scratch, do they? Most theories are based on a fraction of truth and some are completely true. In this book, we will expand on some minor and major conspiracy theories that have been kept secret.
Examples include:
Conspiracy theories regarding sports and rigged systems in that field.  Debt and credit theories that may be true.  Vaccinations, GMO, and the HIV AIDS hypothesis.  The Boston Tunnel conspiracy theory.  The financial crisis in Cyprus.  Climate GEO-Engineering.  You’ll be surprised to learn how fishy some of these theories are, and why so many people ignore them.
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