Gary Corbin

The Mountain Man's Bride

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He's just a guy who's tired of all the corruption. The machine is tired of his meddling - and wants to take him down, once and for all.
Rustic forester Lehigh Carter must prove that his fiancée, Stacy McBride, is innocent of murdering a popular Acting Sheriff. But evidence that she may have had a secret affair with the victim makes even Lehigh wonder if he should fight for her freedom against the corrupt local machine that accused her.
Cooperating with the only honest cop he knows in the county, Detective "Gentleman Jim" Wadsworth, Lehigh plays a high-stakes game of legal chicken to infiltrate the conspiracy and discover the truth behind Jared Barkley's murder.
Evidence stacks up against Stacy, and as Lehigh continues his own investigation, his doubts about Stacy's innocence multiply--particularly when she appears to make romantic overtures to her ex-fiance, attorney Paul van Paten, a leading member of the conspiracy against Lehigh.
Can Lehigh get to the truth behind Jared Barkley's death--and if so, will he like the answers that he finds?
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