Terry Shepherd

The Mystery Bug Collection

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When “Juliette and the Mystery Bug” was first published, it quickly became the go-to reference for parents and teachers who wanted to help children learn the key habits of personal safety in a pandemic world. Brilliantly illustrated by Casey Ratchford and poetically told by thriller author, Terry Shepherd, the story, “helped explain what could easily be a scary subject in a gentle, fun way.” The demand for a second story, addressing the hows and whys of masking and social distancing lead to “Juliette and the Masked Hero”. Both books were based on the solid recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and found their way into classrooms and living rooms across the country.
This volume combines both books under a single cover, a complete reference for both home and classroom. In combination with, a website filled with lesson plans, videos, downloads and links to additional resources, “The Mystery Bug Collection” has become the go-to reference for anyone who wants to give their kids the skills, habits and attitudes necessary to stay safe and healthy in a time when “Mystery Bugs” are everywhere.
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