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Algorithms: Discover The Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Used to Solve Everyday Human Problems, Optimize Habits, Learn Anything and Organize Your Life

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Now you might look at this title and shy away, thinking that a book with "algorithms" in its title must be just for techies. However this book is very accessible to those with no background in computer science.

In fact it is a must read for anyone interested in what our digital future looks like.

Everyday we make millions of decisions from selecting a life partner, to organizing your closet, to scheduling your life, to having a conversation.

However, these decisions may be imperfect due to limited experience, implicit biases, or faulty probabilistic reasoning.

Today those decisions and more that could be made by human beings from predicting earthquakes to interpreting languages can now be made by computer Algorithms with advanced analytic capabilities.

Algorithms can better predict human behavior than trained psychologists and with much simpler criteria. Studies continue to show that the algorithms can do a better job than experts in a range of fields.

Artificial intelligence is reshaping healthcare, science, engineering and life. The results will make our lives more productive, better organized, and essentially, much happier.

Everywhere you look, artificial intelligence is beginning to permeate all types of industries and expectations are that it will continue to grow in the future.

Imagine The Possibilities..........

●More Accurate Medical Diagnoses

●Better Military Strategies That Could Save Lives

●Detect Abnormal Genes In An Unborn Child

●Predict Changes In Weather and Earthquake

●Safer Self-Driving Cars That Have Learned Your Personal Preferences

●Analyze DNA Samples & Identify Potential Medical Risks

●Smart Homes That Will Anticipate Your Every Needs

●Predicting Where Cyber Hackers & Online Threats May Occur

Join The Future

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