Sax Rohmer

B. J. Harrison Reads The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu

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"The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu" is the second novel in the Fu-Manchu series, in which the villainous doctor returns to Britain in order to undermine the country's power. He has survived the previous novel’s deadly attackand is now on the move against the forces of good, embodied by detective Smith and Dr. Petrie, who always disrupt his plans. Fu-Manchu’s fanatical devotion to world domination and all things evil make Rohmer’s novel a joyride through the actions and thoughts of his superbly-crafted villain. But Rohmer’s novel also discusses social and political issues, flavoured with some racial prejudices, making it a rich and enjoyable read.

B. J. Harrison started his Classic Tales Podcast back in 2007, wanting to breathe new life into classic stories. He masterfully plays with a wide array of voices and accents and has since then produced over 500 audiobooks. Now in collaboration with SAGA Egmont, his engaging narration of these famous classics is available to readers everywhere.

Sax Rohmer (1883-1959), the pseudonym of Arthur Henry Ward, was a British writer of crime and supernatural fiction, famous for the creation of the villain Fu-Manchu. The occult played an important part in his life, and many of his works are directly influenced by it. He wrote many novels, short stories, and non-fiction works, among which were "The Fu-Manchu" series, "Brood of the Witch-Queen", and "The Yellow Claw".
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