Rosie Wynter

The Curtis Sisters

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Captivatingly sweet and soulfully romantic. Accompany Rosalie and Grace Curtis on their journeys of heart and soul to find true love.
Book 1: To Love A Rogue
After two failed seasons, Rosalie Curtis comes to live in London with her well-connected aunt, the Duchess of Lynch. There, as fate would have it, a roguish, broad-shouldered man is introduced into her life. Mysterious Mr. Farrell. Despite his poor reputation and sordid past he manages to gain Rosalie’s trust. However, the duchess quickly attempts to turn Rosalie’s eyes away from him to the Marquess of Oakham. Lord Oakham could ensure her future, and Rosalie’s family pressures her to marry the marquess. But Rosalie won’t feel at peace until she solves Mr. Farrell’s mystery. The answers she finds will surprise everyone. What will Rosalie’s choice be, once she learns the truth?
Book 2: To Steal A Duke's Heart
Beautiful Grace Curtis sets her sights on handsome George Blackmore, the newly appointed Duke of Cromford. However, fate seems intent on keeping them apart. When the duke’s younger brother Edmund develops an interest in Grace’s friend, Grace is determined to bring the pair together so that she might see the Duke again – and steal his heart. However, Edmund divulges some unexpectedly worrying truths about his older brother, and Grace soon finds herself questioning her attraction to the newly appointed Duke of Cromford. Will she be able to fathom the duke’s true colours and find happiness?
A sweet traditional Regency Romance Bundle with a dash of suspense. Read the The Curtis Sisters to be swept off your feet today!
Rosie Wynter
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