Suzanne Crowley

Very Ordered Existence of Merilee Marvelous, The Unabrid

Merilee leads a Very Ordered Existence. V.O.E., for short.
Her schedule (which must not be altered) includes, among other entries:
School (horrendous)Litter patrol (30 minutes daily)Lunch (PB&J and a pickle)Bottle return (Friday only at the Piggly Wiggly)Dame Fiona’s meditation show (Saturday only, 6:00 AM)The V.O.E. is all about precision.
Merilee does not have time for Biswick O’Connor.
Merilee does not have time for Miss Veraleen Holliday.
He with his annoying factoids and runny nose. She with her shining white shoes as big as sailboats. Both of them strangers who, like the hot desert wind that brings only bad news, blow into town and change everything.
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