Shivkrupanand Swami

Satya Ka Avishkar, English (INVENTION OF THE TRUTH)

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His Holiness Gurudev has continuously been giving special messages for the various sections of society for their complete overall progress. A very important component of society is the ‘Youth’. Youth power is an immense power which can bring about an invaluable change in society. It can balance society and lead it towards progress, and create a new era. But for this to happen, it is necessary for the youthful generation itself to be balanced. The youth should be aware of its objective and remain unwavering and firm on that target. This is especially required since the youth is deluded in today’s age of intellectualism, materialism and technological advances. This can create an imbalanced society. Hence, these messages which can guide them in the right direction and inspire them to develop and progress in the right direction will prove to be invaluable, because they are given by a visionary who has come to know about the future global problems and is alerting society about them.
We are sure that the readers will understand the depth of meaning in these messages and take due advantage of them.
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