Jude Gray

Seized and Savaged

There are worse ways to make a living than traveling the worlds killing men. Especially if you're a woman with a grudge and a gift. Like me. I am part of the Zyrnx, but apart from them, as well. They believe in rescuing slaves. I believe in killing slave masters. I am not a savior of helpless victims—I am a killer of monsters.
But as Taal says, sometimes I see a monster where a man stands. And the monster I have come to kill, he believes we are fated mates. Lifemates. Born for each other. I do not believe in such things. I believe in sex, fighting, and death—not love. Or maybe just not love for—or from—me.
I've been waiting for this female my entire life. She's mine. I'm hers. Simple as that.
Contains mature themes.
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