Ray W. Frohnhoefer

Accidental Agile Project Manager

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What's an accidental agile project manager, you ask? Anyone who suddenly and unexpectedly finds themselves responsible for an agile project. Maybe, the home remodel project turned out to be a little more complicated and complex than you expected. Or, your manager gave you a project management book and put you in charge of an important work project. It's not uncommon to see team leaders doing project managers' work, and they may not even be aware.

Designed to increase success, this audiobook is for accidental and new project managers, beginning project management learners, and those exploring project management careers or looking for a refresher. Told as a business fable, concepts are put in everyday terms, and stories make it more memorable.

A process and an acronym will help the accidental agile project manager remember the essential steps of projects. It's Ray's PROJECT method:

P is for People

R is for Requirements

O is for Organize

J is for Jell

E is for Execute

C is for Control

T is for Transfer

The purpose of the PROJECT method is to get you started quickly, not make you an expert or teach you everything you need to know. This audiobook is written as a business fable to help deliver the messages. It follows the method as it is applied to a fictional yet realistic organization and accidental agile project manager. This makes the character and the process more relatable and memorable to the listener.

Each chapter is devoted to a step of the method and ends with "Knowledge Nuggets" - tips, basic project management templates, and references for further listening and study. References include sections of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), the Project Management Institute's (PMI) standards, and the Agile Practice Guide.

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