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Mindfulness: Navigate daily life using the New Science of Health and Happiness

Many people have become victims of the complexity of modernity. In this complexity, our mind has been bombarded with toxic beliefs that corrupt. Thus, there are many who are suffering from mind diseases. Stress and worry are the leading symptoms of mind disease. Anger and hurt are some of the effects and consequences of this mind disease.
Compassion is one of the greatest victims of modernity. Unbridled greed characterized by excessive material accumulation, while others hardly meet their need for bare survival are signs of loss of compassion. Lack of compassion is another symptom of mind disease. To be able to regain your compassion and thus promote peace, you have to heal your mind. In this book, the importance of compassion is re-emphasized and how mindfulness can help you regain your compassion is outlined.
We are what our mind is. This has been an unequivocal conclusion for time immemorial. However, the subject of our mind has never been more relevant. We are experiencing several situations that require mental strength for the survival of the human race. Unfortunately, just like our bodies, our mind is is threatened by complex mind (mental) diseases.
Mindfulness is one of the proven remedies of dealing with the mind disease that is increasingly becoming acute as time goes.
Here's What You'll Learn From This Book
Do we really need to learn about Mindfulness?
5 Methods to Regain the one thing that is critical to our success
How to Manage the Two Feelings that can destroy our relationships
How Mindfulness can Destroy our Daily Stress and Worry
How Others Benefit from Our Mindfulness
Six Habits to Cultivate for Mindfulness
Even if you lead a life free of stress and worry; with full of amazing relationships; you will still benefit from this book.
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