Rene Schroeder

Lost in the Ocean of Agility

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Imagine you are sailing on the open sea, the horizon wide and uncertain, the waves unpredictable - welcome to the ocean of agility. In this world, agility is more than a concept; it is the art of surviving and thriving. "Lost in the Ocean of Agility" by René Schröder is your navigation tool through the stormy waters of the modern business world.
In this groundbreaking work, René Schröder uncovers the hidden reefs and currents that organizations often overlook on their journey to agility. With over two decades of experience in agile transformation, he draws a map of the most common mistakes and shows you how to avoid them. This book is not a theoretical guide - it's a practical, real-life guide that walks you through the real challenges and opportunities of agility.
You will learn about the three metaphorical paths to agility that companies take and understand why some end in dead ends. René Schröder takes you on a journey that challenges you to chart your own route, one that responds flexibly to the ever-changing winds of the market.
This book is for the brave souls in the business world who are ready to hoist the sails and break free from old, rigid structures. It is for those who not only want to survive, but triumph in the world of agility.
Praise for the book:
"Lost in the Ocean of Agility – more than a business read, an essential guide for today's volatile business world." - Javier Rodriguez Gonzalez, Global Head of Value Creation, KPMG International
"The words and stories are so vivid and descriptive that you will create your own images in your head on every page." - Klaus Leopold, Flight Levels - Be the pilot of your success!
With "Lost in the Ocean of Agility" in hand, you will not only weather the storms, but learn to ride the waves of change. It's time to weigh anchor and embark on a journey that will change your organization - and perhaps yourself - forever.
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