Derek Prior

The Scout and the Serpent

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When the wolf-men attack and the companions are split up, Nameless and Ilesa find themselves marooned on an island at the center of a newly formed lake.
With the dwarf unable to swim, and a monstrous serpent patrolling the water, it's down to Ilesa to get them back to shore. But can she be trusted, what with the bounty on Nameless' head and her long history of betrayal?
Nils's cat burgling past comes in handy when he takes to the trees to avoid being eaten, but it soon becomes apparent the wolf-men are the least of his worries. Someone, or something, is watching him from the depths of the forest …
Meanwhile, Silas hides below ground in a giant burrow and draws upon the dark knowledge of the Liche Lord's grimoire to keep him safe. But how much credence should he give a book that promises everything?
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