Rahul Iyer

Project Charter

Are you looking to create a Project Charter that is impactful, filled with insights and urges the Sponsor to take action of approving the project?If you have answered this question as "Yes," this is the audiobook for you. Project Charter is a formal document that signifies an official kick-off of your project. Project Charter consists of several components including the business case, project description, project deliverables, measurable project objectives, project scope, high-level requirements, project manager name and authority, project team, stakeholder list, project risks, assumptions, constraints, approval and closure requirements and project signoff. This audiobook prepares you to understand each of these components and have hands-on expertise in clearly documenting the specifics needed to convince the top management to approve your project.
Whether you are executing a Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, or even a large project management style of project, you would need to document the project charter. And this audiobook covers every aspect of the charter for any and every type of project.
Apart from seeking the desired theoretical knowledge of creating the project charter, this audiobook also provides you a practical example that evolves as you go through each chapter. By the end of the audiobook, you would see how a project charter is practically documented by virtue of this example.
Another feature of this book is its real-life anecdotes. While understanding any management concept, your learnings are enhanced multiple times if you are presented real-life stories for various topics. You will see these real-life anecdotes sprinkled throughout this book that will help you understand why certain things are done the way they are.
What are you waiting for? Hit the Buy Now button. Become a Master in creating brilliant Project Charters for each of your project!!!
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