George M. Clark

Vegetarian: The Utlimate Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet

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Are you a vegetarian or have you considered becoming one?
Maybe you’d just like to incorporate a couple of meat-free days every week?
Or perhaps you just want to get more of your 5 a day?
Vegetarianism has seen an explosion of interest in recent years. As the population of the planet increases and we see problems with over fishing, concerns about animal welfare and the associated health risks of red meat, we are steadily turning to a more plant-based existence.
Now, with Vegetarian: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet you can begin to explore how a vegetarian diet may suit you, with in-depth chapters on things like:
- History of Vegetarianism
- Types of Vegetarians
- The United States
- Vegetarian Food and Your Health
- How to Plan a Vegetarian Diet
- What about Protein?
- Supermarket Shopping Tips
As we learn more about nutrition, we have come to realize that meat isn’t an essential part of our diets and eating a vegetarian one provides all we need to keep our bodies in top condition.
So if you’re thinking about a change let Vegetarian: The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet be the catalyst that creates it in you.
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