Simon Smith

Q Anon Conspiracy (3 Books in 1)

You Are About To Unravel The Secrets Of The Illuminati And Know How It Operates And See The Evidence That It Exists Till Now And Its Entanglement With The Qanon Conspiracy Theory!The question of whether or not the Illuminati exist is something that has sparked a lot of debate around the world for a long time. It is true; the concept of a group of influential people who have control over the world seems like a crazy, far stretched thought, but some people would disagree with this. This probably explains why the existence of the Illuminati has inspired and shaped most of the existing modern secret societies and conspiracy theories, including the QAnon conspiracy
More precisely, you will learn:
·       Who the Illuminati are and how they operate
·       What QAnon conspiracy is and the idea of the New World Order – and how it is all connected
·       The protocols they follow and some of the symbolism associated with the Illuminati
·       Some of the secret societies linked to the Illuminati and what they are all about
·       How they hide in plain sight
·       Evidence that supports the existence of the Illuminati
·       And much more…

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Simon Smith


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