Andre Lawrence

We Are Here The Memoir

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A young man in Connecticut documents his experience and connection with highly advanced beings. He shares this true personal story, taking place over the course of nine years. He writes of how the first three years he had been physically connected and guided, to excel and advance his own life. In exchange, the beings collected data for their research and studies of where mankind has currently evolved into today.

After three years of connectivity, functioning non-stop like a machine, being pushed by these beings, Andre awoke in full control of himself again, trying to regain his own human persona, while continuing with everything he learned and had been shown he was capable of for the next following three years. In the last and final three of the nine years, Andre was able to harness life on his own again, and find the courage to write out his lessons through these experiences to share with the world.

Andre is writing this personal journey during a time in history where the world faces a threatening pandemic and the consciousness of humanity is being tested. By sharing this experience and his message of love and acceptance, it may shine a light of hope and send a reminder to all as to why we are here.
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