Bob Lord,Penny Lord

Angels in the Lives of the Saints

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Our Lord ascended into Heaven; and His followers, filled with the Holy Spirit, set out to spread His Word of hope to the people of God. But you can understand, then as now, the enemy Lucifer, leader of all the fallen angels, has never wanted this Good News to be heard; his plan, from the time of Genesis, has been to rob us of relationship with our Creator.
But we say, in times of crisis, whether in the world or in the Church, God always raises up Saints. Cardinal Newman said of the Saints: They "rise up from time to time in the Catholic Church like Angels in disguise and shed around them a light as they walk on their way Heavenward."
We would like to bring you only a few of the many occasions where Angels have played an important role in the lives of the Saints.
Saint Stephen
Saint Peter
Saint Paul
Saint Patrick
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Clare of Assisi
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Saint Margaret of Cortona
Saint Catherine of Siena
Saint Teresa of Avila
Saint Joan of Arc
Saint Frances of Rome
Saint Gemma Galgani
Saint Don Bosco
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