Joseph Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling's The Man Who Would Be King - Unabridged

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"The Man Who Would Be King" is an enormously popular story by the legendary British writer, poet and journalist Rudyard Kipling. In the tale, the narrator - a British newspaperman in India modeled after Kipling himself - meets two ex-military rogues named Daniel Dravot and Peachy Carnehan who have grand ambitions. They plan to load up on weapons, travel to the remote Afghan kingdom of Kafiristan and - through cunning and military force - become monarchs. When Carnehan returns alone two years later, he tells the narrator a fantastical tale: he and Dravot did become kings - even considered gods - only to watch the entire scheme fall apart after a bit of hubris proves their mortality. Famously adapted to the screen in 1975 by director John Huston, "The Man Who Would Be King" is among the most popular and beloved adventure tales of colonial British life in Asia and is presented here in its original and unabridged format.
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