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The Dating Plan

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The Dating Plan: The Ultimate Guide to Dating, Learn Useful Dating Tips and Advice on How and Where You Can Find the Love of Your Life

When you begin dating, you and your date are both trying to find out more about each other and you both also are cautious about how much you reveal about yourself. But as the dating game continues, you will begin to be more open and to begin probing more.
It’s easy for intense emotions to develop during dating and for all of those emotions to be thought of as love. But where there are obsession and affection that feels stifling, then it may be lust that is on display and not loves.
Dating, like a lot of things in life, can start off promising and hopeful. But like life, it’s not without some prickly problems. There are various issues that can arise that can stymie or put a damper on your dating. In this audiobook, you will learn some useful dating tips and advice to find the love of your life.
Here is a preview of the topics that will be covered in this audiobook:
Finding DatesDating at CollegeEtiquette to Observe During DatingSome Don’ts for DatingCommunicating while DatingMeeting the Family While DatingIdentifying Lust While DatingProblems that can Affect DatingFactors That Indicate a Good or Bad DateRole of Family and Friends in DatingTo maintain a dating relationship and to make it progress, communication is a very important factor. The frequency of calls and other means of contact between your date and yourself will also tell you the extent to which the date is progressing. If you want to learn more, download your copy of The Dating Plan Now!
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