Stephen Marlowe


Book Summary: Earth’s first student at the inter-gallactic school is not welcome
Sci Fi Categories: Space Adventure, Telepathy
Book Description: This is an interesting tale that follows Smith of Earth as he enrolls and attends an intergalactic school as Earth's first representative. At first it appears that all the other races present, many of which have descended from humans, are physically and mentally stronger and more powerful. But as the story continues and Smith becomes the butt of many a joke this begins to change and we find out the truth, not only about Smith but about Earth and its position in the Galactic scheme of things. An easy and entertaining read, Marlowe creates a believable and strangely familiar environment with ease taking the reader on a unique yet familiar story where the loudest and biggest are not necessarily the best.
Authors Bio: Stephen Marlowe was an American author of science fiction, mystery novels, and fictional autobiographies of Goya, Christopher Columbus, Miguel de Cervantes, and Edgar Allan Poe. He is best known for his detective character Chester Drum, whom he created for the 1955 novel The Second Longest Night.
Narrators Rating: ★★★★☆

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