Michael Simmons

Thomas Edison

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Everyone knows that Thomas Edison is America’s most famous inventor. But what exactly drove him to invent? Have you ever heard of the phonograph, or the kinetoscope? And what made his incandescent light bulb so special anyway?

In this book, you will learn about Edison’s busy childhood as a young inventor and entrepreneur conducting chemical experiments aboard a moving train car, his nomadic youth as a wandering telegraph operator, and about the five miraculous years of invention that produced the phonograph and the incandescent light bulb, inventions that made Edison the most famous American in history before he was thirty five years old.

Through the inclusion of primary documents, including letters written by Edison himself, his diary entries, and newspaper articles from the 19th century and after, this book will help you see through the eyes of an ordinary American glimpsing electric light for the first time, or listening to records on the phonograph, or viewing the very first motion pictures. From his friendship with Henry Ford, to his work for the American navy during World War I, Thomas Edison was the original American hero, lighting all of history with his extraordinary inventions.
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