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Essential Stoic: Eudaimonia & Essentialism (II in I)

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In this Bundle you will get all the basic principles of Eudaimonia - Stoicism for the Uninitiated and those principle applied into a lifestyle that we can call Essentialism.

Both Stoicim and Essentialism are in my opinion closely related, both disciplines praise the art of the simple life. It may take a while to master it but the price in not trying it can be high in terms of stress, dissatisfaction and a general lack of wellness in this disorientated society.

Just Remember: "Only discipline brings freedom, only freedom brings happiness and happiness is a discipline".

You are here welcome. I hope these contents really help you in becoming that "best version" you want to become. Thanks for dropping by.

This bundle contains:

. Eudaimonia: Learn Ancient STOIC principles - A Guide For The Uninitiated

. Essentialism: Rediscover The Power of Less with a STOIC Mind

In Eudaimonia

. Relevance of Philosophy . Stoicism in Context . Marcus Aurelius . Eudaimonia . The Dichotomy of Control . Emotional Endurance . Stoicism and Emotions . Prepare for The Day . Conquer Fears . Practicing vs. Explaining

In Essentialism

. Adopting the Habits of an Essentialist . The Invaluable Benefits of Becoming an Essentialist . Reclaiming Control to Become the Master of Your Own Destiny . The Principles of Essentialism . Fueling Your Focus - Building Clarity and Purpose with Stoicism . The Devastating Debt Disadvantage . Understanding the Nature of Your Possessions . Decluttering Your Life . Time Is of the Essence . Creating an Effective Routine for Yourself

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