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Todd Perelmuter

How To Release Stress Through Meditation

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Releasing Stress Through Meditation

Don’t just reduce or manage your stress. Release it completely and transform the way you view stressful situations so that you stop creating new stress in your mind and body once and for all. Stress is one of the greatest killers in modern society. It weakens our immune system, it damages our cardiovascular system, it creates intense mental suffering, and it leads to chronic pain in our neck, back, shoulders, and joints, which makes us more prone to injuries. Stress even leads to addictive behaviors, poor productivity, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, anger, high blood pressure, sleep and sex problems, headaches, and stomach aches, skin and hair problems, and in some cases, heart attacks and strokes. In this book, you’ll learn how meditation can help you eliminate stress once and for all, how to get started, and how you can apply it to your daily life.
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