Atwater Cross

Organic Gardening for Beginners

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Whether you're new to organic gardening or a seasoned pro, adding an organic garden to your backyard, patio, windowsill, or even driveway has numerous advantages. You don't need a big backyard or a big wallet to benefit from this method.
If you know the right tricks, you won't even need to spend that much time on daily maintenance.
You'll Discover in This Book:
·      The Advantages of Going Organic
·      The devastation caused by man-made chemical pesticides
·      The fundamental approach to organic gardening
·      To begin composting, learn how to recycle.
·      Weed control that is simple and effective
·      Planting from seeds, seedlings, and clippings
·      How to Grow Effectively in a Container
And Much, Much More!....

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Atwater Cross
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