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Effective Stress Relief: A Meditation Collection for Managing Stress

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Life gets stressful sometimes. And though it’s inevitable we’ll encounter stress at work and at home from time to time, we can stay afloat and thrive by managing it well. No matter what situation you are in, you can tap into your inner calm wherever you are.

This collection has been designed to teach you how to manage your stress and stay peaceful through all that life throws at you.

This collection can help you:

• Relieve stress easily
• Feel more relaxed
• Meditate successfully
• Increase your inner peace

The audiobook includes:

• Chapters 1 to 4: Meditations
• Chapters 5 to 8: Daytime Affirmations
• Chapters 9 to 12: Subliminal Affirmations

Listen to the subliminal affirmations on a low volume either before or during sleep.

Find inner peace and quiet strength in the shelter of your own mind. You are more powerful than you know.
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