Mark Greger,Michael M. Sisson

The Art of Weight Loss Motivation: An Essential Read Before Trying Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, Anti Inflammatory or Any Other Diets to Ensure Success

Did You Know that 95% of People Who Diet Gain their Weight BACK Again?
The answer for this problem is obvious. Following a diet requires great mental strength to overcome all the challenges you’ll face along your path. The book ‘The Art of Weight Loss Motivation’ offers great tools to develop the right mindset to follow a diet and achieve success.

Here are a few important things you will discover from this book:

●     How to prepare yourself to deprivation and changing food habits when entering a new diet;
●     The strength to stand up against cravings and quitting;
●     Essential habits and knowledge that sets you on the right path to lose the weight you always wanted!
●     How to find the right diet, in order to lose more weight.
●     Awesome motivation techniques to keep you energized!

Dieting can be very tricky, especially when you’re looking to lose a huge amount of weight. Of course the first days are always full of hope, but the percentage of people who actually follows a diet is very low. The tendency to quit and return to old habits is strong, and having the mental ability to overcome it is absolutely mandatory. Fortunately, this book will be your loyal partner every step of the way!
Having the body of your dreams IS achievable. With this book, dieting will be a walk in park, and you will soon start losing weight like you never did before!
Whatever the diet you’re thinking is, this book offers the right strategies to build a stronger mind, which will also be helpful in all areas of your life. Make your dreams come true, the key is in mind.
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