Stephen Marlowe

Revolt of the Outworlds

Revolt was brewing on the distant planets. Alan Tremaine was the son of Richard Tremaine, one of the most respected leaders in the Outworlds. But when an assassin cut down the elder statesman, the younger Tremaine found the leadership of the Outworlds suddenly thrust into his lap. But there was something amiss, and when violence and revolt suddenly flared, Termaine found himself torn between the loyalty he had for his father’s visions of the future, and his own personal ideals. But there was a traitor afoot—with a daring plan of destruction and conquest. Tremaine knew Mars received its water via the massive space warp that ran between Mars and Venus. And he knew that if someone cut this interplanetary lifeline it meant war—and possibly the destruction of mankind…
Stephen Marlowe was an American author of science fiction, mystery novels, and fictional autobiographies of Goya, Christopher Columbus, Miguel de Cervantes, and Edgar Allan Poe. He is best known for his detective character Chester Drum, whom he created for the 1955 novel The Second Longest Night
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